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Vergangene Konzerte

Unsound 2018: Presence Kraków, Krakau – verschiedene Orte 07.10. – 14.10.2018 Unsound 2018: Presence
Festiwal Muzykofilia Toruń, Dwór Artusa fr., 25.05.2018 19:00 Festiwal Muzykofilia
Zdzisław Piernik + Hati Warszawa, Dom Kultury Kadr fr., 15.09.2017 19:00 Zdzisław Piernik + Hati
Supersam +1: Zdzisław Piernik + David Moss Warszawa, MÓZG Warszawa do., 25.05.2017 20:00 Supersam +1: Zdzisław Piernik + David Moss


Zdzisław Piernik  Dialogue for tuba and tape  Zdzisław Piernik – Dialogue for tuba and tape 8:51 0 ×
Zdzisław Piernik  Andrzej Krzanowski, Sonata for solo tuba  Zdzisław Piernik – Andrzej Krzanowski, Sonata for solo tuba 14:04 1 ×

Über Zdzisław Piernik

Interprets contemporary music. He co-operated closely with many composers showing them the potential of natural and prepared tuba. His repertoire is very diverse, from his own transcriptions of the works of old-time masters to the newest achievements of contemporary music. He was the first tuba player in Poland to use harmonics, glissando, flutter-tonguing and synthetic chords while playing this instrument. He prepared his tuba by attaching a trumpet, saxophone or trombone bell, using a bassoon and saxophone mouthpiece as well as all sorts of mutes. This process makes the tuba an instrument with four different tone colours and enables the player to produce sounds far from the tuba’s natural tone.


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