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Experimental, Techno, Elektronische Musik, IDM, industrial techno, Glitch Polen www.wilhelmbras.com
S Wilhelm Bras / Lautbild

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Paweł Kulczyński Bratislava – Staré Mesto, A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture Paweł Kulczyński
Curated by Agata Kneć: Copy Corpo + FOQL + more Polska, Streamed event Curated by Agata Kneć: Copy Corpo + FOQL + more
Firlej online: Wilhelm Bras Polska, Streamed event Firlej online: Wilhelm Bras
Atomic Gardening: Wilhelm Bras Polska, Streamed event Atomic Gardening: Wilhelm Bras
Wilhelm Bras + julek ploski Warszawa, CH25 Wilhelm Bras + julek ploski
Wilhelm Bras + Mazut Warszawa, CH25 Wilhelm Bras + Mazut


Wilhelm Bras  Stray Stars  Wilhelm Bras – Stray Stars 10:48 24 ×
Wilhelm Bras  Unexplained Coincidences  Wilhelm Bras – Unexplained Coincidences 5:32 8 ×
Wilhelm Bras  Drug Coefficient  Wilhelm Bras – Drug Coefficient 7:01 3 ×
Wilhelm Bras  Angel Lust  Wilhelm Bras – Angel Lust 4:41 1 ×

Über Wilhelm Bras / Lautbild

Wilhelm Bras – Paweł Kulczyński, a musician and sound artist immersed in his modular synthesizers and the physics of noise, an avid analogue synth enthusiast, who builds his own machines, a neo alchemist of sound. He sculpts analogue beats and subtle glitches and bleeps. His new album – Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire – is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for your home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable, in our universe, that is. The listener is invited into his analogue microcosm, guided by the steady rhythm, sometimes straying from the path, only to come back disoriented but convinced.


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