Wayne Grajeda

Wayne Grajeda is a passionate singer and songwriter. With stops to musical in Los Angeles, London and Berlin, Wayne Grajeda is intelligent, melodic rock songs. His poetry is often interspersed with tiny picturesque word games. His compositions are enriched with elements of different musical directions. His unique singing style, according to which Wayne Grajedu always know, makes it from every angle unmistakable. Expressed in his own words: "In all my time for my musical influences are very diverse: from Latin, rock and R & B through folk, funk, jazz and even symphonic music to big band. In my music sounds color appears most of these styles. " Grajedova international band is composed of experienced musicians. The drum is ruled Dirk Morning. The bass plays a "solid", versatile Thomas Hope. In addition, first-class guitarist Rob Dietze. Vocal partner is Wayne Silvia Christoph, who has long been successfully operating on the Berlin music scene. Her strong, clear voice controls a considerable portion of soul.

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