Underground Pub

Underground Pub

Adresse Korfantego 1, Tychy
Telefon 531 373 348

Aktuelles Programm des Clubs

Wir wissen von keinen Events an diesem Ort.

Beschreibung des Ortes

Underground Pub is not an ordinary bar. Sometimes it is a challenge – especially when you climb the stairs after a long night and you are surprised to find that the sun has already risen. Sometimes it’s like a lifestyle – getting into it and becoming addicted to it. Some also say that Under is simply another home where you can rest anywhere after work, and for the weekend to go out to a good concert or recharge positively on the dance floor during one of the many themed events.


Um die beste Verbindung zu finden, gib einfach die Haltestelle oder Straße ein, von der Du losfahren willst.

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