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Maigra + Thar Ai + Trylion Wrocław, Klub Muzyczny Liverpool fr., 07.04.2017 19:00 Maigra + Thar Ai + Trylion
Thy Ignorance + Trylion + Outbred Poznań, Klub pod Minogą fr., 13.01.2017 19:00 Thy Ignorance + Trylion + Outbred


tryLion  Poliphrenos  tryLion – Poliphrenos 5:54 2 ×
tryLion  Trust  tryLion – Trust 5:30 0 ×
tryLion  Point of View  tryLion – Point of View 4:41 0 ×
tryLion  Indigo  tryLion – Indigo 7:03 0 ×

Über Trylion

Trylion was founded in 2013 as a initiative of guitarist Bartosz Stachowiak, drummer Antek Cepel and bassist Paweł Stachowiak. In 2014 the band was joined by vocalist Przemek Pałasz, who filled the gap and enabled the realization of set plans. From the very beginning, the band is directed to the heavy sounds based on rhythmic riffs.

Band’s inspirations are being drawn from trendy genres such as djent and groove metal, but they do not forget about classic death metal, which elements are being used in its works. The band does not hide its inspiration by top heavy-weights as Meshuggah, Peripherry, Gojira, Animal As Leaders, Monuments and Hacktivist.


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