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S Tittingur

Aktuelle Konzerte

Praha 7, Fuchs2 29/1/2021 22:30 Šelest: Blanck Mass + Tittingur + další
Tasov u Veselí nad Moravou, Topolový Hájek, Tasov 6/8 – 7/8/2021 Beseda u Bigbítu 2021

Vergangene Konzerte

Lunchmeat Festival 2020 Praha, Prag – verschiedene Orte 28/9 – 3/10/2020 Lunchmeat Festival 2020
Hviezdne noci 2020 Bytča, Námestie Slovenskej republiky 14/8 – 16/8/2020 Hviezdne noci 2020
Pohoda In the Air Slovenská republika, Online v tvojej obývačke 9/7 – 12/7/2020 Pohoda In the Air
Dotek 2019 Olomouc, Konvikt – Umělecké centrum UP 13/4/2019 10:00 Dotek 2019
Less: Dutch Courage + Tittingur + Tomáš Prištiak Praha 10, Petrohradská kolektiv 12/4/2019 20:00 Less: Dutch Courage + Tittingur + Tomáš Prištiak
Sonitus: Tittingur + BIOS + Dead Janitor Praha, Punctum 18/10/2017 20:00 Sonitus: Tittingur + BIOS + Dead Janitor


Tittingur  Apart//Together  Tittingur – Apart//Together 9:17 48 ×
Tittingur  Stalker  Tittingur – Stalker 5:50 9 ×
Tittingur  Āhuacatl  Tittingur – Āhuacatl 7:45 0 ×
Tittingur  Vdgd2  Tittingur – Vdgd2 8:33 1 ×

Über Tittingur

Tittingur is the revived brainchild of Dominik Suchy and Matus Mordavsky: originally a band, with a knack for distortion, noise and chaos; set to a turbulent angle in noise rock. Following six years of silence, the band reunited in the Slovakian mountains, during the rainiest and coldest days of summer 2016, to create new material: now filthy, heavy, aggressive and electrically charged. The skeleton of Lavina is built around a straight techno beat, but the music is far from standard dancefloor electronica. It is easy to imagine it blasting out at futurist club rallies like Atonal, Norberg or Unsound. The project perfectly mirrors the bands current dislocation, the axis between Copenhagen and Bratislava. Tittungur fuses intense, gritty, physical sound with simple yet very well thought out mix architecture. If one had to sonify the plans behind the best new takes on architectural brutalism, this is probably what it would sound like.


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