Adresse Plac Teatralny 3, Warszawa
Tags Literaturvorstellung
Dauer 140 min
Regie Jerzy Jarocki
Premiere 2009
AutorIn Sławomir Mrożek

Besetzung: Kamilla Baar-Kochańska, Dominika Kluźniak, Katarzyna Gniewkowska, Ewa Wiśniewska, Jan Frycz, Marcin Hycnar, Grzegorz Małecki, Jan Englert

Generational clashes and an attempt to master the chaos of the world. In the drama of Sławomir Mrożek, the wildness of human hearts comes to the fore. An insightful interpretation of Jerzy Jarocki is seasoned with bitterness. The heroes got lost in freedom. There is disorder and tension in their heads – ridiculous and sad. Everyone loses, but Artur, a rebellious intellectual who seeks rescue in despotism, suffers the greatest defeat. Tango of the beginning of the 21st century is predatory, brutal and tragic.

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