Skazani na miłość

Adresse ul. Słowackiego 19a, Warszawa
Tags Komödie
Website des Ortes
Dauer 120 min
Regie Tomasz Dutkiewicz
AutorIn Folker Bohnet, Alexander Alexy

Besetzung: Maria Pakulnis, Magdalena Wójcik, Olga Kalicka, Jan Jankowski, Mateusz Banasiuk i Wojciech Wachuda

A well-known writer in a just age lost two wives in the past and gained a substantial amount from their insurance policies. Now he is preparing for a third marriage with an attractive girl who is 38 years younger than herself. Her also bought a life insurance policy.


Warszawa, Teatr Komedia di 24/9 19:00 Skazani na miłość
Warszawa, Teatr Komedia mi 25/9 19:00 Skazani na miłość
Warszawa, Teatr Komedia mo 28/10 19:00 Skazani na miłość
Warszawa, Teatr Komedia di 29/10 19:00 Skazani na miłość

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