The Museum of The Univeristy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw

The Museum of The Univeristy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw

Adresse ul. Traugutta 19/21, Wrocław

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The Museum of The University of Fine arts in Wroclaw was founded in 1954. In its collection can be found works of the university’s pedagogues and some of the best students' works. The items of glass, ceramics as well as posters and paintings has been gathered for over 50 years and constitue a unique collection that includes works of Alfons Mazurkiewicz, Jan Jaromir Aleksiun, Michał Urbaniec, Jan Cubis, Waldemar Cwenarski, Stanisław Dawski, Eugeniusz Geppert, Józef Hałas, Krytsyna Cybińska, Zbigniew Horbowy, Stanisław Kopystyński, Zbigniew Karpiński, Emil Krcha, Halina Pawlikowska, Czesław Zuber and many more. A part of the collection is presented at the pernament exhibition. The museum also hosts temporary exhibition and cooperates with various galleries, museums and universities both in Poland and abroad.


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