The Ephemeron Loop

Vymethoxy Redspiders, or maybe Xapheena Q.Q. Utslekk? Petronn Sphene or Xylocopa Violacea? Uroceras Gigas has been known by many names but is maybe most celebrated for her work with Tipula Confusa in Leeds-based noise-metal duo Guttersnipe. The Ephemeron Loop is a little different, conceived and constructed over a fourteen-year period as Gigas broke through the misery of her pre-transition life using music and psychedelic drugs to help assemble a new relationship with the world. "Psychonautic Escapism" is the culmination of those efforts, a startling ADHD-powered assemblage of shoegaze euphoria, pneumatic hard dance, dub techno and spacegrind that's as hard to describe as it is gripping to engage with. Constantly shifting, it's like hearing Basic Channel, Cocteau Twins, Arca and Napalm Death simultaneously.

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