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Über Taliesyn

Prague group, named after the Welsh poet semilegend Taliesyn, was established at the end of 90 years. The band produces a distinctive and fresh essence of world music, folk, rock, jazz and Celtic music and benefit from the rich tradition of Anglo-American folk songs but also from the Czech-Moravian folklore. This all happens with the support of classical acoustic instruments such as bouzouki, acoustic guitar and flute, but also key synthetic, synthetic woodwind instruments and thick jazz-rock rhythms. The basic building blocks are from the beginning the natural songwriting talent of charismatic frontman John Bičovského, marking the creation of the Central European folklore of the other founders of St. Adalbert Jindra (Before Breakfast or Bran) and designing contribution flutist Robert Fischmann (Before Breakfast, Bran). The diversity and uniqueness of Taliesyn instrumental support and feelings of other members of the fusion assembly – two key players of the Czech processing multimedia music show ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd – bassist and bandleader Philip Benešovský (stainless steel, Mary Rottrová, Roman Dragoon) and Professor Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory, keyboardist George Neužil. – Translated by Automatic service


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