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Suk Volok + Lille Brno, Stará Pekárna mi., 12.08.2015 20:00 Suk Volok + Lille
Suk Volok + Sami za sebe Brno, Stará Pekárna di., 22.07.2014 20:00 Suk Volok + Sami za sebe

Über Suk Volok

The band Suk Volok was founded in spring 2012 the band ended smoothly Empty containers so that the guitarist and drummer have accepted their new bass player who did not do what the buzz because he left his Komassage to Brno to disappear there. The band is on the authorship of guitarist and vocalist Luke. He chose autumn texts from the darker side of life, from the side, which is the most state of our lives. The songs usually came quickly, neproaranžovávají unnecessarily, are simple. Electric guitar without special effects, straight bass, drums psychedelic. – Translated by Automatic service


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