Robert Piotrowicz

Experimental, Elektronische Musik, Noise, Noise, Experimental, Electroacoustic, Drone, EAI Polen
S Robert Piotrowicz

Vergangene Konzerte

Robert Piotrowicz Wrocław, Czuła jest noc so., 16.02.2020 20:00 Robert Piotrowicz
Lado na wsi: Tomasz Litra + Mike Majkowski & Robert Piotrowicz Warszawa, Ladom mi., 31.07.2019 20:00 Lado na wsi: Tomasz Litra + Mike Majkowski & Robert Piotrowicz
Mai Mai Mai + Robert Piotrowicz + Adam Gołębiewski Poznań, Pawilon sa., 15.06.2019 20:00 Mai Mai Mai + Robert Piotrowicz + Adam Gołębiewski
Robert Piotrowicz Warszawa, SPATiF fr., 12.01.2018 20:00 Robert Piotrowicz
Sacrum Profanum 2017 Kraków, Krakau – verschiedene Orte 26.09. – 01.10.2017 Sacrum Profanum 2017


Robert Piotrowicz  Lincoln Sea Ice Walk  Robert Piotrowicz – Lincoln Sea Ice Walk 8:13 5 ×
Robert Piotrowicz  Flares Et Wasser Hole  Robert Piotrowicz – Flares Et Wasser Hole 5:46 1 ×
Robert Piotrowicz  Ocarina Wars  Robert Piotrowicz – Ocarina Wars 7:37 1 ×
Robert Piotrowicz  Euzo Found Guitar  Robert Piotrowicz – Euzo Found Guitar 6:00 1 ×
Robert Piotrowicz  Elektros Spong  Robert Piotrowicz – Elektros Spong 7:57 2 ×

Über Robert Piotrowicz

Robert Piotrowicz is a polish sound artist, composer, and improviser. He works within contemporary electroacoustic music field. Piotrowicz is an instrumentalist whose main tools are modular synthesizer and guitar. He’s an experienced improviser, working with world’s known artists. Composer, author of many solo projects (recordings, performances), interdisciplinary projects (scores for theatre plays, literary and radio projects) and abstract sound installations. He participated in many art events around the world. Together with Anna Zaradny he runs Musica Genera label and annual festival of the same name.


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