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Pragobřinkostroj Plzeň, Papírna 19/11/2020 20:00 Pragobřinkostroj
Prago Union Vědomice, Music club Pod Lipou 13/11/2020 21:00 Prago Union
Prago Union Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar 12/11/2020 20:00 Prago Union
Prago Union Kladno, Auto Da Fé 24/10/2020 20:30 Prago Union
Hradecký slunovrat 2020 Hradec nad Moravicí, Zámek Hradec nad Moravicí 23/10 – 24/10/2020 Hradecký slunovrat 2020
Prago Union Uhříněves, Boor Bar 26/9/2020 20:30 Prago Union


Prago Union  Kretén  Prago Union – Kretén 3:19 247 ×
Prago Union  Varování  Prago Union – Varování 4:38 327 ×
Prago Union  Co si počnem?  Prago Union – Co si počnem? 3:24 577 ×
Prago Union  Verbální Atentát  Prago Union – Verbální Atentát 5:08 50 ×
Prago Union  Zvýřatka  Prago Union – Zvýřatka 3:38 40 ×

Über Prago Union

Prago Union is a Czech hip-hop group. The current members are MC Kato (a.k.a. Deph) and DJ Maro. DJ Maro joined Prago Union in 2008, replacing DJ Skupla. Deph and Skupla were previously members of the group Chaozz. The group’s first record was HDP (Hrubý domácí produkt; English: gross domestic product). Guests on this album included American producer Kutmasta Kurt and rappers Masta Ace and Planet Asia. The second record, Dezorient Express, was released five years later in 2010. This record received positive reviews, including a 9/10 rating from hip-hop magazine Bbarak and a 10/10 and “Album of the Week” from In September 2011 their third record V Barvách (In Colors) was released, a concept album attempting to represent different colors in music. In June 2013, they released the album Vážná hudba (Classical music).

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