Pad Brapad

Erweiterte Realität, Jazz, Elektronische Musik Frankreich
S Pad Brapad


Pad Brapad  Dog  Pad Brapad – Dog 3:58 94 ×
Pad Brapad  Ben Hora  Pad Brapad - Ben Hora 4:21 42 ×
Pad Brapad  SatuMare-Bristol  Pad Brapad - SatuMare-Bristol 5:01 90 ×
Pad Brapad  Suite Roumaine  Pad Brapad – Suite Roumaine 7:06 118 ×

Über Pad Brapad

Six Paris musicians met in 2004, with eclectic musical history ranging from jazz over electro, classic music to indie rock. They discovered something they shared in their roots in the East: traditional, Gypsy, and Jewish music. However, their point was not the resurrection of a forgotten tradition in classical forms. They took the traditional instruments (violin, accordion, double bass, and the South-Slavic brač), added drummer’s groove, a little hip hop, “old school” DJing and wrapped everything in a unique visual show.

The new mixture of “Gypsy urban music” has proved effective and the band began successfully touring Europe, the market for its records. The comfortable reviewers have positioned the band somewhere to areas inhabited by Balkan Beat Box, The Herbalizer, Mahala Rai Banda, and Socalled. Pad Brapad feels good there.

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