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Aktuelle Konzerte

Hradec nad Moravicí, Zámek Hradec nad Moravicí 23/10 – 24/10/2020 Hradecký slunovrat 2020

Vergangene Konzerte

Hudba za klima 2020 Praha 7, Holešovická Šachta 12/8/2020 16:00 Hudba za klima 2020
Hradecký slunovrat 2020 Hradec nad Moravicí, Zámek Hradec nad Moravicí 27/6 – 28/6/2020 Hradecký slunovrat 2020
Plum Dumplings + Nylon Jail Praha 6, Kaštan 12/6/2020 19:00 Plum Dumplings + Nylon Jail
Koncert na Pohodu: Nylon Jail Olomouc, 15 Minut Music Club 4/5/2020 20:30 Koncert na Pohodu: Nylon Jail
Nylon Jail + Midnight Swimmers Brno, Cabinet of the Muses 11/11/2019 20:00 Nylon Jail + Midnight Swimmers
Festival Banát 2019 Eibentál, Eibentál 21/8 – 24/8/2019 Festival Banát 2019


Nylon Jail  Sentimental Girl  Nylon Jail – Sentimental Girl 4:00 144 ×
Nylon Jail  Strange Reapers  Nylon Jail – Strange Reapers 4:00 80 ×
Nylon Jail  Man on the Dark Chair  Nylon Jail – Man on the Dark Chair 3:00 41 ×
Nylon Jail  I'm Here Again  Nylon Jail – I'm Here Again 4:00 31 ×
Nylon Jail  Sailing the Soul  Nylon Jail – Sailing the Soul 9:00 31 ×

Über Nylon Jail

Nylon Jail is a musical project based on a combination of acoustic and electronic music. Their songs are mixed many elements that are often individually counterpart. In the hands of Nylon Jail, however, becoming a single music full of energy and diversity. The basic spirit of the band is based on the atmosphere and individuality in the wild west that are intentionally and accidentally added elements of modern times. The band formed in 2012 in Olomouc, which in their music combines seemingly nekombinovatelné so many refutes the myth of genre pigeonholing. – Translated by Automatic service


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