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S Minsk

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Minsk + Floor Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov Minsk + Floor


Minsk  Embers  Minsk – Embers 13:52 53 ×
Minsk  White Wings  Minsk – White Wings 5:40 29 ×
Minsk  Mescaline Sunrise  Minsk – Mescaline Sunrise 4:44 13 ×
Minsk  Ceremony Ek Stasis  Minsk – Ceremony Ek Stasis 8:37 12 ×
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Über Minsk

The team of Minsk, capital of Belarus, named for its špikuje sludge/doom metal, a wide range of other genres – from hardcore punk over the ambient and pdychedelii to noise – and is not afraid of neither the synťáků and keys. After the demo and the great adopted the debut permanently hang their hats on the label Relapse, which sanctified their latest recording With Echoes in the Movement of Stone (2009). “And dynamic, the shape-shifting beast that takes the form of a swaying ghost-like figure one minute before swelling into some sort of stone-crushing giant the next,” writes about the Minsk, and after five years it’s verified and domestic audience. The news has come out-kapelní pause after two years – at the beginning of this year again for Relapse. – Translated by Automatic service


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