Městská plovárna

Městská plovárna

Adresse Doudlevecká 71, Plzeň
Webseite www.facebook.com

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Beschreibung des Ortes

On the initiative of the Lighthouse of Pilsen was Swimming through the work of volunteers during two weeks in July 2014, transformed from the overgrown and abandoned places in popular destination walks Plzeňanů. After the river drove the Ferryman, shone above the Lido color bulbs and brand new furniture plovárenském some of the hundreds of visitors.

Thanks to the workcampu and the work of many foreign and local volunteers have managed to create a background for the bar and lectures, make the overgrown park, remove the three landfills, compare the central space, with 45 tons of gravel, carve river shores, brighten up a plot to make graffiti, dozens of benches, chairs and tables and hang up from the terraces of the giant plovárenské swings. – Translated by Automatic service


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