Mattijn Franssen

Mattijn Franssen lives in Hilversum, near Amsterdam.

Also, paints, composes music and writes the lyrics to his songs since childhood. These hobbies are devoted his entire life and still honing their skills. His lifelong desire to escape from the real world into the other caused his montages are so finely detailed and thoughtful to look very real. As if all those places and indeed was in memory of them shot as we do it all on their holidays.

His work evokes the atmosphere of undiscovered secrets and often dangerous adventure. It is also evident from his work love for nature and lack of trust in human society, human natures and properties. At its fotomotážích is mostly only on himself and his cat Pino.

The words to his songs Mattijn not say never advance. It's his actual feelings, emotions, dreams and wishes in the given moment you start playing.

I feel his paintings are painted on canvas.

Mattijn Franssen, it is not only beautiful montages, music, paintings, but they are not the whole story of one extraordinarily talented man. You just gaze and listen.


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