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Rasmentalism + Łona i Webber & The Pimps Poznań, Jezioro Maltańskie fr., 02.08.2019 20:00 Rasmentalism + Łona i Webber & The Pimps
ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2019 Cisna, Cisna 02.05. – 04.05.2019 ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2019
Łona + Webber + The Pimps Wrocław, Firlej fr., 05.04.2019 20:00 Łona + Webber + The Pimps
Łona i Webber + The Pimps Kraków, Klub Forty Kleparz do., 04.04.2019 20:30 Łona i Webber + The Pimps
Łona i Webber + The Pimps Warszawa, Proxima fr., 29.03.2019 21:00 Łona i Webber + The Pimps
Łona i Webber + The Pimps Łódź, Scenografia do., 28.03.2019 20:30 Łona i Webber + The Pimps


Łona I Webber  Błąd  Łona I Webber – Błąd 3:28 50 ×
Łona I Webber  Nie Mam Pojęcia  Łona I Webber – Nie Mam Pojęcia 3:39 23 ×
Łona I Webber  Wyślij Sobie Pocztówkę  Łona I Webber - Wyślij Sobie Pocztówkę 3:06 12 ×
Łona I Webber  To Nic Nie Znaczy  Łona I Webber – To Nic Nie Znaczy 3:25 16 ×
Łona I Webber  Nie Pytaj Nas  Łona I Webber - Nie Pytaj Nas 3:27 7 ×

Über Łona i Webber

Łona & Webber’s new album contains 14 new songs that prove, there is no need to change a winning team. Chemistry, that those two reached over the years of recording and performing still is far from routine and works perfectly. Łona never was in the group of rappers choosing obvious paths. On “Nawiasem mówiąc” album he crosses music genres – telling different stories, pulling another conclusion, changing the style of his language. Still, as fans are used to, it is all spiced with irony and joke. It would be hard to imagine Łona’s verses without Webber’s beats – the producer surprises with a variety of ideas and fresh sounds, on the other hand, there is no space for accidental elements or unnecessary pomp – every single sound plays an important role. Webber is able to fade away with his musical journeys, but somehow he keeps his hip-hop vibe present.


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