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Linha Singers Český Brod, KD Svět do., 15.12.2016 19:00 Linha Singers
Linha Singers – 50 years anniversary Praha, Mezinárodní sbor baptistů v Praze mo., 16.06.2014 19:00 Linha Singers – 50 years anniversary

Über Linha Singers

Linha Singers ensemble consists of a group of singers and instrumentalists whose musical language is not common and recognized boundaries of musical genres. A distinctive way of recitation is given mainly to vocal technique, which allows singers to sing the demanding party of musical instruments, without in any way trapped or caricaturing. All nástrojově is to achieve clean intonation, rhythm and interplay, but to apply in full the natural characteristics of the human voice-its color, mobility and the inimitable expression. The attractiveness of this path, however, it is not only one of the options, how to bring listeners the beauty of musical thinking of the great masters, beauty often overlooked or wrongly forgotten long ago. Tribal repertoire today consists mainly of vocal transcriptions of 17 instrumental music. -19. century, but also a number of pieces of contemporary authors. – Translated by Automatic service


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