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Romantic Fellas + Lennox Row + inni Kraków, Alchemia fr., 09.06.2017 20:00 Romantic Fellas + Lennox Row + inni


Lennox Row  †oīoro  Lennox Row – †oīoro 3:56 1 ×
Lennox Row  Aerith  Lennox Row – Aerith 3:52 0 ×
Lennox Row  I knov you'we been (sin) there...  Lennox Row – I knov you'we been (sin) there... 4:18 0 ×
Lennox Row  I'll come back  Lennox Row – I'll come back 4:03 0 ×
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Über Lennox Row

This is an enigmatic project from Krakow. Their music is influenced by soul, hip-hop, jazz, electronics, and their music can be termed a “futuro soul.” In the studio version it is a duet, but in the concert environment it evolves into the form of a quintet. Their sound is a result of living instruments such as drums, mandolin, bass, double bass with synthesizers and a pinch of electronics.


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