La Tene

Experimentell | La Tene is a multiform project that consists of three musicians: Cyril Bondi, D’incise and Alexis Degrenier. The three musicians met during various collaborations and different times of their lives in the so-called experimental music arena. From their discussions, meetings and time spent together emerges the desire to create music starting from oral transmissions and constructions of traditional music, while shaping it using new tools (electronic, percussions, objects, amplifications). The idea is to naturally turn around the music of the mountains and plains of the Alps, the Jura and the Auvergne. They use a hurdy-gurdy, an instrument from medieval music born in the heart of the Auvergne, an original percussion setup combining traditional drums, bells and a footboard, a combination of electronic instruments and a harmonium. Traditional music is taken as a full composition element to be deconstructed and told otherwise. La Tene does not choose to arrange or reinvent music still alive and moving but to present different patterns and rhythms by weaving them in repetition and continuous sounds, electronics and frenzy up until exhaustion

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