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Beata Bocek + Žofie Kabelková Praha 6, Kastan 20/6/2018 20:00 Beata Bocek + Žofie Kabelková


Žofie Kabelková  Velká voda  Žofie Kabelková – Velká voda 3:14 94 ×
Žofie Kabelková  Sestřičko  Žofie Kabelková – Sestřičko 3:46 60 ×
Žofie Kabelková  Podivnej valčík  Žofie Kabelková – Podivnej valčík 1:47 36 ×
Žofie Kabelková  Rybí ticho  Žofie Kabelková – Rybí ticho 3:19 179 ×

Žofie Kabelková

Sophie Kabelková (1983) is an excellent singer and songwriter. In October 2009, released her second album titled Duvets from water under its own label, small label on the floating floe. His debut album, I live in 2003, released by Indies Records. Musical director of both boards defended Stano Paluch. Collaborated with songwriters Marcel Cross and Ivo Cicvárek the Panopticon project (folk, alternative), from which in 2005 came the same album.


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