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Meeting: Ufi DaMan + Millo Smith + Cuba Praha 1, Bukanyr Boat 14/2/2019 22:00 Meeting: Ufi DaMan + Millo Smith + Cuba
Ravic + DJ Casper + more Praha 7, Centrála 19/1/2019 21:00 Ravic + DJ Casper + more


Ufi DaMan  Meet Me At Lounge  Ufi DaMan – Meet Me At Lounge 4:51 17 ×
Ufi DaMan  Deep Swim  Ufi DaMan – Deep Swim 6:07 12 ×
Ufi DaMan  Čigi–Čigi–Dup–Ka  Ufi DaMan – Čigi–Čigi–Dup–Ka 3:41 8 ×
Ufi DaMan  Recycled Loops  Ufi DaMan – Recycled Loops 6:33 5 ×
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Über Ufi DaMan

U.D.M. is taking care of music since 1993, when he first started to experiment with programs like Tracker. After several experiments, mistakes and tests his software orientation in digital world settled down to program FL Studio. At the moment, he is dandling with Ableton too.

To reproduction his sets, based mostly on electronic dance & body music, thus electro; house; techno; nu-rave; indie; nu-disco, but also IDM, EBM and 80’s synthpop on special requests;), he is using NTB and MIDI console Behringer BCD3000.

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