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Etno Jaro 2019: Tubabu Brno, Stará Pekárna 3/4/2019 20:00 Etno Jaro 2019: Tubabu


Tubabu  (live)  Tubabu - (live) 8:08 69 ×

Über Tubabu

Tubab speech is tiny and Bambara term for white people. It is also a group of Brno drummers playing traditional West African instruments sangban, dundun, kenkeni (collectively dundun), djembe, balafon, etc. The Group operates since 2000 and is dedicated to the interpretation of traditional rhythms ethnic Mande language family. Current line-up has five members, the majority of the repertoire consists of rhythms from Guinea and Mali. Spontaneity, commitment and maximum enjoyment. Tubab the concerts never spared. – Translated by Automatic service

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