Theatre X10

Tschechische Republik
S Theatre X10

Anstehende Vorstellungen

Praha 1, DUP39 heute 19:30 Teritorium
Praha 1, DUP39 do 22/11 21:00 Hlupáci, proberte se
Praha 1, DUP39 mo 3/12 19:30 Teritorium
Praha 1, DUP39 di 4/12 19:30 Teritorium
Praha 1, DUP39 mi 5/12 19:30 Člověku nad tím rozum i čurák zůstává stát
Praha 1, DUP39 mi 5/12 21:00 Hlupáci, proberte se
Praha 1, DUP39 do 6/12 19:30 Obchod na korze
Praha 1, DUP39 so 9/12 19:30 Pustina
Praha 1, DUP39 mo 17/12 19:30 Pod kontrolou

Theatre X10

Theatre X was founded in 2013 as the theatre dramaturgy, clear aimed at consistent reflection of problems and exploring the feeling of our time. Defined as a theater exclusively contemporary drama in education and a controversial, provocative topics. The games are placed in the Czech or world premiere. Gradually, the theatre, the X 10 is still more focused on their own work, which was already included in its foundations. – Translated by Automatic service


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