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Aktuelle Konzerte

Brno, Cabinet of the Muses sa 2/11 20:30 Over Tour: Emma Smetana + support: The Youniverse
Praha 10, Café V lese di 5/11 19:30 Over Tour: Emma Smetana + support: The Youniverse
Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Budova YMCA sa 9/11 18:00 Afterparty Rockovej Maturity: Masterplan + ďalší

Vergangene Konzerte

The Youniverse Bratislava – Staré mesto, Eleven Books & Coffee gestern The Youniverse
The Youniverse Brno, Music Lab 26/9/2019 20:00 The Youniverse
Pohoda Festival 2019 Trenčín, Letisko Trenčín 11/7 – 14/7/2019 Pohoda Festival 2019
The Youniverse + Snyder + S0kr4t Plzeň, Divadlo Pod lampou 11/5/2019 21:00 The Youniverse + Snyder + S0kr4t
The Youniverse + Nano Praha, Klub FAMU 10/5/2019 20:00 The Youniverse + Nano
The Youniverse + Ňuňu + Slav Brno, Cabinet of the Muses 9/5/2019 20:00 The Youniverse + Ňuňu + Slav


The Youniverse  I Blame Him  The Youniverse – I Blame Him 6:42 165 ×
The Youniverse  Ash  The Youniverse – Ash 4:15 105 ×
The Youniverse  Vamp  The Youniverse – Vamp 3:27 37 ×
The Youniverse  Purple Please Peak  The Youniverse – Purple Please Peak 2:10 29 ×
The Youniverse  Oceanography  The Youniverse – Oceanography 3:36 14 ×

Über The Youniverse

The Youniverse formed as a concept in early 2015. Since then it’s been in the making, waiting for the Big Bang. Changing names and forms, creating musical and visual worlds, all coming from a place of badass sexiness. We never ever do nothing nice and easy. Combining the cosmic skill of Jerguš and his six-string lover with Tammy’s voice and lyrics creates a couple rather rad, vamp-like, we-don’t-really-give-a-fuck tracks.


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