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Carlos & His Coyotes + The Mordors Praha 6, 007 Strahov 31/8/2019 17:00 Carlos & His Coyotes + The Mordors


Mordors gang  Každý ráno na mašinu sedám  Mordors gang – Každý ráno na mašinu sedám 2:39 247 ×
Mordors gang  Na popel moje kosti spálí  Mordors gang – Na popel moje kosti spálí 2:17 179 ×
Mordors Gang  Pipipipi pin–up girl  Mordors Gang – Pipipipi pin–up girl 2:53 82 ×
Mordors gang  Death valley halloween  Mordors gang – Death valley halloween 3:40 97 ×

Über The Mordors

In Pilsen, around the year 2000, a legend was born. Mordor plays their own songs with Czech lyrics, and if you ask them how they are doing it so brilliantly, they answer: Take a nice mature Elvis and Johnny Cash and throw them into a blender, finally chop some country and surf music, and also some punk. Stir and when the mixture begins to turn blue, add verbal legerdemain, and remnants of Felix Hollzmann and makeup of Marillyn Monroe. This ele mixture, stirring constantly pour into the nearest canal. And here Mordors gang, music, guaranteed to entertain!


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