The Mispers

Zeitgenössischer Folk, Rock, Pop, Alternative/Indie Vereinigtes Königreich
S The Mispers


The Mispers  Brother  The Mispers - Brother 3:58 45 ×
The Mispers  Shoulder  The Mispers - Shoulder 3:48 28 ×
The Mispers  Dark Bits  The Mispers - Dark Bits 3:23 22 ×
The Mispers  Emilie  The Mispers - Emilie 3:33 20 ×
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Über The Mispers

Catchy melodies, rhythms, and the variable hymnické tone of the songs has The Mispers international background: singing, classically, he said, the violinist Hannah was born in Australia, where it became a duo of Jack London, Balfour, Scott Arnold, Joey Zapata to sustain & buskingem and guitarist Diego Belmonte comes from Brazil. – Translated by Automatic service


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