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S Sunnata

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Soulstone Gathering Afterburner 2019 Kraków, Alchemia 14/12/2019 18:00 Soulstone Gathering Afterburner 2019
Sunnata + Yatra + Blues for the Redsun Praha 5, Underdogs' Ballroom 13/10/2019 19:30 Sunnata + Yatra + Blues for the Redsun
Sunnata + Yatra Praha 5, Underdogs' Ballroom 13/9/2019 19:30 Sunnata + Yatra
Festiwal Uwolnić Muzykę 2019 Środa Śląska, Staw Kajaki 26/7 – 27/7/2019 Festiwal Uwolnić Muzykę 2019
Castle Party Festival 2019 Bolków, Bolków Castle 11/7 – 14/7/2019 Castle Party Festival 2019
Belzebong + Sunnata + Tankograd Łódź, Magnetofon 1/6/2019 18:00 Belzebong + Sunnata + Tankograd


Sunnata  Orcan  Sunnata – Orcan 5:01 106 ×
Sunnata  Asteroid  Sunnata – Asteroid 3:41 37 ×
Sunnata  Monolith  Sunnata – Monolith 6:40 11 ×
Sunnata  Seven  Sunnata – Seven 7:11 7 ×
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Über Sunnata

The name of this Polish Foursome on their creation says a lot. The term “sunnata”, which in Sanskrit refers to voidness or emptiness, it is in the music of a kind of “sound palette, which is intertwined with the noise-where the walls consisting of fuzzem, delayem and reverbem against the monolith an absolute silence.” The first long-playing album Climbing the Colossus, which was released in 2014 Sunnata, confirms their achievements during live performances, which since its inception in 2008, managed to collect. Sunnata is powered by an explosive mixture of giant heavy riffs, groovu and grungeového vocalists. And to just let them finish, will remain after them actually only silence. – Translated by Automatic service


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