Spitfire Company

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Anstehende Vorstellungen

Praha 3, Palác Akropolis mi 30/10 20:00 The Narrator
Berlin, UFA Fabrik mi 30/10 20:00 Antiwords
Berlin, UFA Fabrik do 31/10 20:00 Antiwords
Praha 3, Palác Akropolis mo 11/11 20:00 Miss Amerika
Praha 3, Palác Akropolis sa 16/11 20:00 Podvraťáci
Praha 3, Ponec – the dance venue mo 25/11 20:00 Constellations III. My Son Is Looking to the Sun
Praha 3, Ponec – the dance venue di 26/11 20:00 Constellations III. My Son Is Looking to the Sun

Über Spitfire Company

Spitfire Company is an artistic company that includes works of physical, visual and dance theatre. It is currently one of the most progressive ensambles of author theatre in the Czech Republic. The most important and characteristic aspects of the ensemble´s work are: searching of an original physical language of each particular performance, emphasis on experiencing performer´s state of being that generates very present emotions, dealing with a human´s limitation and his/her existential situation.


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