Spielraum Kollektiv & Studio Damúza

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S Spielraum Kollektiv & Studio Damúza

Anstehende Vorstellungen

Praha 7, Jatka78 12/1/2019 16:30 Batosnění
Praha 7, Jatka78 12/1/2019 15:00 Batosnění

Vergangene Theaterstücke

Fidlovačka aneb Kdo je my? Plzeň, Moving Station – JOHAN 28/10/2018 20:00 Fidlovačka aneb Kdo je my?
O Budulínkovi Praha 6, Dlabacov Cinema 25/3/2018 15:00 O Budulínkovi

Spielraum Kollektiv & Studio Damúza

Studio DAMÚZA is a production and producing unit that supports the innovative divadelníky, musicians and other primarily visual artists who don’t fit into the normal theatre of operation, but they want to discover, to provoke, to investigate. DAMÚZA focuses primarily on the ambitious projects of students and recent graduates. In conjunction with the Department of work of alternative and puppet theatre the THEATRE and its graduates are prepared small puppet fairy tales featuring precise execution, the minimum cast, copyright approach to puppetry and art performances and an emphasis on a strong message of the story. – Translated by Automatic service


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