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Prague Conspiracy + Sour Bitch Praha 1, Rock Café 9/3/2019 19:30 Prague Conspiracy + Sour Bitch
Prague Conspiracy + Sour Bitch + Crushing Caspars Brno, Eleven Club 7/3/2019 20:00 Prague Conspiracy + Sour Bitch + Crushing Caspars
Substance + Vile Spirit + more Praha 4, Na pul cesty Café 26/1/2019 19:00 Substance + Vile Spirit + more
Vile Spirit + Vole + more Praha 8, V. Kolona 26/1/2019 19:00 Vile Spirit + Vole + more


Sour Bitch  Freak In Your Mirror  Sour Bitch – Freak In Your Mirror 4:11 327 ×
Sour Bitch  Amy's Journey  Sour Bitch – Amy's Journey 3:20 179 ×
Sour Bitch  Live Fest, Die Pretty  Sour Bitch – Live Fest, Die Pretty 2:25 125 ×
Sour Bitch  I Hate My Hometown  Sour Bitch – I Hate My Hometown 3:02 74 ×

Über Sour Bitch

Although the band formed Sour Bitch dates back to 2008, occupancy is stabilized at the beginning of 2010. Since that time, four girl band starts proper rock and roll. Music has been compared to bands type Civet, Distillers and L7. The band did two EPs, one CD, but the greatest potential is still only at the stage.


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