Slow Magic

Elektronische Musik, Chillwave USA
S Slow Magic


Slow Magic  Feel Flows  Slow Magic – Feel Flows 3:23 300 ×
Slow Magic  Toddler Tiger  Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger 2:30 181 ×
Slow Magic  Moon  Slow Magic – Moon 3:19 148 ×
Slow Magic  Circle  Slow Magic – Circle 3:41 110 ×
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Über Slow Magic

Slow Magic music dedicated to since high school, when he started as a self-taught intensively devote drum instruments of all kinds. Gradually he’s involvement in punk, ska and hardcore band, to fancy electronics, and finally to the drums and synthesizer gained. In 2012, his dream of making music bloggers, who noticed it immediately flew to the top of the glo-fi scene. In 2012, released the album “Triangle” in it, he mixed the glittering syntetitizátorů and střemhlavě sounds of relentless bass and hypnotized him with the vast majority of supporters of the chillwave and downtempo-pop. Since then, there are my show to spread electronic psychedelic around the world essentially without a break. Continuous tour of the man without a face disrupted preparations for the second Board only “How To” Run Away ", which was published in September 2014. with great acclaim by critics and fans. The artist always appears in neon mask and already 3 years hiding his true identity. – Translated by Automatic service


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