Sleazy RoXxX

Punk, Sleaze Rocknroll Tschechien
S Sleazy RoXxX


Sleazy Roxxx  Catch The World  Sleazy Roxxx – Catch The World 3:27 14 ×
Sleazy RoXxX  Under Magenta Sky  Sleazy RoXxX – Under Magenta Sky 3:09 171 ×
Sleazy RoXxX  Nymphomaniac  Sleazy RoXxX – Nymphomaniac 4:26 8 ×
Sleazy Roxxx  Last Drifter  Sleazy Roxxx – Last Drifter 3:16 4 ×
Sleazy RoXxX  Porn To Be Wild  Sleazy RoXxX – Porn To Be Wild 3:55 112 ×

Über Sleazy RoXxX

Sleazy Roxxx is a Czech band with links to American glam rock scene and its subsequent European followers with elements of punk. Formed by unmistakable vocalist Lee Glambert, bassist Jan Vandervell, distinctive guitarist Steve Wed James and experienced drummer George O’Lingerie. The aim of the band is to fill a gap in the Czech music scene and offer viewers and listeners portion of rock’n’roll music, image and even challenging texts.


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