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Climax: Chris Sadler + Miguel + more Praha 1, Roxy 30/3/2019 23:00 Climax: Chris Sadler + Miguel + more
Session Victim + Sanny + DJ Fun Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar 2/3/2019 22:00 Session Victim + Sanny + DJ Fun
Sunsphere: Yannick + Melvin Coxx + more Praha 1, Roxy 7/9/2018 23:00 Sunsphere: Yannick + Melvin Coxx + more
Sunsphere: Drahosh + Juraj Grafik + more Praha 1, Roxy 23/6/2018 23:00 Sunsphere: Drahosh + Juraj Grafik + more
Enjoy House: Manio + Jean Luc + more Praha 1, Roxy 2/9/2017 23:00 Enjoy House: Manio + Jean Luc + more
Refreshment: DJ Michael C + Dan Cooley + Marcus Cooper , ROXY 10/6/2017 23:00 Refreshment: DJ Michael C + Dan Cooley + Marcus Cooper

Über Sanny

DJ Andy first became interested in dance electronic music sometime around 1997, when it was very influenced by music shows on local radio Triangle and Delta. Two years later, influenced by the Tripmag magazine, by and the atmosphere of the first party finally forfeited under the spell of vinyl records. His first Dj attempts soon take place on the computer, then řemínkových the turntables Tesla. In the early days, playing mainly techno, thanks to his friendship with DJs and Ginger Dahem, who support him plates of trade Nula2.

During this period, is a regular visitor parties throughout the Czech Republic and thus also extends your musical horizon on other styles. In addition, at the time of the popular techno is mainly house DJs such as in the filing. Martin Haberland, puppies or Paul Spar, which appeals to him. At this time appears in a style that is known as funky deephouse and he definitely falls in 2003, after the performance of Funa Svojšicích, the DJe which is to this day an unforgettable experience for him.

Vicky has already managed to play on a lot of interesting events for clubs in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic alongside their favorite DJs such as. Pavel Spar, Fun, Pat Heart, William, Lumiere, Skipworker, Dan Cooley, Da Sunlounge, Kinky Movement and lots of others. Around the year 2006, created by Andy DJskou 2 with DJ Efectivem, who primarily played dance funky house. After their breakup in 2009 gives together with the natives of AndrewemJ that created the Group DeepDrink, under which the parties are still in play, and produce music.

Their common sets are characterized by particular combinations of nu-disco, deephouse, jackin funky and houseu. It’s all about trying to keep visitors busy for a moment or Club and want as much as possible with their sets to entertain the audience with positive energy. Despite the happiness Canal AndrewJ tested La Manche, nothing prevents them to occasionally play together and produce. Sannyho at the present time, you can often hear in the Liberec Club’s Experiment.

Resident night: Remember the House @ Experiment Liberec/together with Pavel Spar, Radio1 night @ Experiment Liberec/together with Dan Cooleym, Solid Sound @ Experiment Liberec/together with Wilhelm. – Translated by Automatic service

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