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Über Roman Holý

Roman Holý is a Czech music composer, singer and producer. Is the frontman and producer groups South Africa. and Monkey Business and talks about him as a leading šířiteli funk music in the Czech Republic. South Africa group founded in 1989 By a plumber and Michael Viktoříkem. Before the establishment of Monkey Business in 1999, started by a group of Sexy Dancers, which has already produced a single album, and Butcher’s On The Road in 1998. The group disbanded after a short stop. Along with Andrew stone out, he recorded and produced in 2004, the soundtrack to a non-existent fictional film Crushing Bliss. He is the author of the music to several TV or feature films, for example: Doblba!, experts or damnation. Together with Matej Ruppertem performs in the project G-Point Hunters (performs with them and Tereza Černochová or DJ Maceo). In the Czech television was moderated by TV show Three. Early 2010 based singer Matej Ruppertem Monkey Business Group new band Neruda, based on their debut eponymous album Neruda EMI. – Translated by Automatic service

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