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Jet8 (album release) + Random Hand + more Praha 1, Rock Café 31/1/2020 19:30 Jet8 (album release) + Random Hand + more


Random Hand  Anger Management  Random Hand – Anger Management 4:57 90 ×
Random Hand  Bones  Random Hand – Bones 3:20 53 ×
Random Hand  Snakes And Ladders  Random Hand – Snakes And Ladders 5:25 52 ×
Random Hand  Scum Triumphant  Random Hand – Scum Triumphant 4:18 22 ×
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Über Random Hand

Random Hand is a British ska band, formed in Keighley in 2002. Their sound fuses influences from many genres, including ska, reggae, punk rock, metal, hip hop and dub. The band is typically associated with the punk subculture, due to its ethics and lyrical content. Their lyrical themes are mostly of a sociopolitical nature, however their second recent album ‘Inhale/Exhale’ features more personal lyrics and subject matter.


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