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S Rafael Anton Irisarri

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Festival Spectaculare: Rafael Anton Irisarri + Simon Scott Praha, CAMP 20/3/2019 20:00 Festival Spectaculare: Rafael Anton Irisarri + Simon Scott
Festival Spectaculare: Simon Scott: Field Recording Praha, CAMP 19/3/2019 18:00 Festival Spectaculare: Simon Scott: Field Recording


Rafael Anton Irisarri  Waking Expectations  Rafael Anton Irisarri – Waking Expectations 9:23 135 ×
Rafael Anton Irisarri  Passage  Rafael Anton Irisarri – Passage 6:48 74 ×
Rafael Anton Irisarri  A Thousand–Yard Stare  Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Thousand–Yard Stare 4:59 28 ×
Rafael Anton Irisarri  Blue Tomorrows  Rafael Anton Irisarri – Blue Tomorrows 7:50 19 ×
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Über Rafael Anton Irisarri

Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and media artist based in Seattle. He is predominantly associated with post-minimalist, drone and electronic music, exploring textural aesthetics for over half a decade. His pointillist compositions lean towards ostinato motifs that tap into minimalist ideals while his studio production style is characterized by dense layers of reverb and delay, suggesting a blurred cinematic quality, like half-remembered dreams full of elegiac beauty. Bowed guitar textures, deep pulsing bass tones, field recordings, submerged piano notes, melancholic strings and subtle electronic counterpoints all contribute and converge equally in his music to create an oceanic experience that contrasts the epic and subdued, "like an ambient symphony recording that’s been rescued from attic entombment after half a century.”

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