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S Phaerentz

Vergangene Konzerte

Sonitus: Burkhard Stangl + Dieb13 + Phaerentz Praha, Punctum 9/4/2020 20:00 Sonitus: Burkhard Stangl + Dieb13 + Phaerentz
Milan Knížák & Phaerentz & Opening Performance orchestra Praha 1, Czech Museum of Music 28/1/2020 19:30 Milan Knížák & Phaerentz & Opening Performance orchestra
Intonarumori koncert Praha 1, Stone Bell House 11/8/2019 19:00 Intonarumori koncert
Martin Janíček & Petr Ferenc Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava 31/1/2019 19:00 Martin Janíček & Petr Ferenc

Über Phaerentz

Phaerentz own name Petr Ferenc’s Prague dealing with electronic musician, promoter and music journalist, member of the Birds Build Nests Underground, Radio Royal and other projects. Working with sound and various media player uses, most turntables and cassette recorders, but minidisc and CD Walkman. As a soloist he Phaerentz focuses on the physical properties of sound and decided not to use any sound effects and other boxes, over which is most sounds like. Each audio medium has its own charm, surface noise / sounds and special quality in terms of repetition, randomness and sensitivity gaming. For Phaerentzovu work is typical repetition of short loops of different lengths, wherein the phase shift produces a surprising and completely unexpected and polyrytmické acoustic phenomena. Rather than the parts of these loops become the building blocks of psycho-acoustic minimalist experience focused on repetition as a means to explore movement in the still. No clicks, no editing, no randomness. Repetition is the variation. Better to be realistic than postmodern. – Translated by Automatic service

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