Percival Schuttenbach

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S Percival Schuttenbach

Aktuelle Konzerte

Warszawa, Proxima fr 25/10 20:00 Percival Schuttenbach
Poznań, U Bazyla sa 16/11 19:00 Percival Schuttenbach
Kraków, Klub Zaścianek sa 23/11 19:00 Percival Schuttenbach

Vergangene Konzerte

Percival Wrocław, A2 Centrum Koncertowe 12/10/2019 20:00 Percival
Folk a gry wideo Warszawa, Plac Defilad od strony ul.Świętokrzyskiej 22/9/2019 17:00 Folk a gry wideo
Percival: Wild Hunt Live Brno, BVV Brno 26/5/2019 17:00 Percival: Wild Hunt Live
Percival Warszawa, VooDoo Club 5/4/2019 18:00 Percival
Percival Praha 4, Music Club Jižák 30/3/2019 20:00 Percival
Percival Wrocław, Stary Klasztor 29/3/2019 20:00 Percival


Percival Schuttenbach  Rodzanice  Percival Schuttenbach – Rodzanice 2:51 208 ×
Percival Schuttenbach  Marysia  Percival Schuttenbach – Marysia 2:50 97 ×
Percival Schuttenbach  Pani pana  Percival Schuttenbach - Pani pana 5:48 217 ×
Percival Schuttenbach  Satanismus  Percival Schuttenbach – Satanismus 5:04 108 ×
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Über Percival Schuttenbach

Percival Schuttenbach belongs to a new wave of Polish heavy folk. The group was founded in 1999 in Lubin. Its music is characterized by a mix of folk and power metal, an old Slavic songs (Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Macedonian), as well as songs in the folk pagan metal garb.


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