Narcotic Fields

Rock, Elektronische Musik Tschechien
S Narcotic Fields

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Mezi kontakty: Kieslowski + Kittchen + host: Narcotic Fields Brno, Cabinet of the Muses 23/5/2016 20:00 Mezi kontakty: Kieslowski + Kittchen + host: Narcotic Fields
Narcotic Fields + 3000Hodin Praha 10, Café V lese 6/5/2016 20:00 Narcotic Fields + 3000Hodin


Narcotic Fields  Never Let Me Down  Narcotic Fields – Never Let Me Down 4:11 137 ×
Narcotic Fields  Colorize  Narcotic Fields – Colorize 6:08 111 ×

Über Narcotic Fields

Narcotic Fields was originally a studio project of Tereza and Tomas Kopecky Bayer. Together, regular concert activities begin in mid-2007 and the first success came not long to wait when the band won in 2008 in a prestigious music competition Boom Cup.


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