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Michael Jackson  Beat It  Michael Jackson – Beat It 4:57 49 ×
Michael Jackson  Thriller  Michael Jackson – Thriller 13:43 40 ×
Michael Jackson  They Don't Care About Us  Michael Jackson – They Don't Care About Us 4:42 67 ×
Michael Jackson  Billie Jean  Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 4:56 188 ×
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Über Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American pop singer, songwriter, choreographer, dancer, producer and patron of African origin. His records Thriller and Bad are among the most important in the field of pop music. Album Thriller remains the major difference with the best-selling album of all time. It is generally known as the King of Pop and the most famous pop star 20th century. He was a representative of conventional pop and dance music, based on the soul. In addition to its characteristically high voice, rhythmic feeling and dancing abilities was known as a great perfectionist. – Translated by Automatic service


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