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Praha 11, KC Zahrada do 21/11 20:00 Marien

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Marien + Kapky Javorník, Tančírna v Račím údolí 25/5/2019 18:00 Marien + Kapky
Marien Praha 1, Malostranská beseda 26/3/2019 20:00 Marien
Marien Ostrava, Klub Parník 24/3/2019 19:00 Marien


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Über Marien

Music group Marien from Pardubice is one of the most prominent faces of the rising generation in the genre Folk and Country music. Devoted to acoustic guitar music and vícehlasému singing, playing melodious songs mostly from the workshop Vitus electronically. Despite the progressive wind in the sails group builds on traditional values ​​and the FCT music remains attractive for older generations of listeners. Group Marien has existed since 2004, it still holds the triple ports, also prestigious Krtečka of the largest music festival FC Garden in Náměšť a number of other awards. He performs at major festivals and own concerts across the country. Song Memento mori in 2006, five months resulted in a hit parade of genre television Czech TV program on the Moll. A hit, thanks to the Internet’s distributed recording of the song became a street performances kid from Pardubice, which is currently one of the most played songs in Pardubice Czech Radio. In 2009 came under the wing of publishing Good Day Records debut album titled Landscape Marien in you. The Group is involved in organizing the festival Folk Chvojen in a high Chvojno and several other events also became the initiator of the campaign “Folk lives!” Trying to attract media attention to this neglected genre of music. – Translated by Automatic service


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