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Hausboot: Schwa + Yan + Luke Nova Praha 1, Buccaneer 28/9/2019 23:00 Hausboot: Schwa + Yan + Luke Nova


Luke Nova  Moog of Tea  Luke Nova – Moog of Tea 10:04 78 ×
Luke Nova  Moonlight Vibe (Remix)  Luke Nova – Moonlight Vibe (Remix) 7:26 11 ×

Über Luke Nova

Nova Luke, Luke Newbie own name is DJ and producer with a penchant for deep house. Luke started listening to electronic music with his brother, and generally followed elektrnocikou scene and culture since he was fifteen years old. Something around 2005 he began mixing his first vinyls and in 2008 he had his first opportunity to play in a club in front of people. After some time he became a resident club nights in the club Favál in Brno. However, in time for him to techno began to be too hard and monotonous. So he decided to discontinue some time playing in public places until it finds something it will be increasingly linked to his current musical requirements.

Finally, he felt deep house. Soon he began to have a much greater enjoyment of music he played. Currently he is doing a great pleasure regular playing one of the best deep house club show in Brno – Coonk. At this moment has a play in the following clubs: Perpetuum, Buccaneer, glasses, Mersey, Abstract, Faval, Zoo bar, toaster, Bat Music Space, Station Bar, Styx, Trix, 7th Heaven, AAA, brick, Wakata, POPcore, Gazelle, Club 68 With all those skills and progress in music technology improved its mix and now plays three pc stop. Always use a lot of effects – Reverb, Delay, Filter, which contributes to the resulting sound more dynamic.

 In January 2013, released his first track “Hallucinations” on the label Deep Ware Records (Ian Metty Barcelona). This track is supportován Marco Carola, and has been voted as the best track of this compilation – Winter Express Vol.1. – Translated by Automatic service

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