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Den BOHEMIA SEKTu 2019 Starý Plzenec, Starý Plzenec 15/6/2019 14:30 Den BOHEMIA SEKTu 2019
Lucie Revival Plzeň, Buena Vista Club 6/4/2019 21:00 Lucie Revival


Lucie revival  Lovec, střelec  Lucie revival - Lovec, střelec 2:59 118 ×
Lucie revival  Sbírka zvadlejch růží  Lucie revival - Sbírka zvadlejch růží 5:15 46 ×

Über Lucie revival

Lucie revival group founded in autumn 2005 five experienced musicians – part of students, graduates of music conservatories in part – from the age-old joint concerted action in other projects. Already during the first concert of the season in the ultimate revival Lucie singing drummer in the group gained a decent reputation. True to the original interpretation, persuasiveness, concert invitations deployment followed on prestigious festivals (Sázava fest, Venetian night), the band has become a welcome adornment urban or beer festival, club stages and corporate events throughout the Republic and the Slovak Republic often.

Participating musicians are aware that good musician should not only reproduce, so they are actively engaged in successful bands 5P copyright Lubos Pospisil, stairs, conductor, treadmill, Wanastowi vjecy, and others. – Translated by Automatic service

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