Loma Prieta

Hardcore, Emo, Screamo USA www.loma-prieta.com
S Loma Prieta


Loma Prieta  Love  Loma Prieta – Love 2:49 147 ×
The Waiting Room  Loma Prieta  The Waiting Room – Loma Prieta 6:04 19 ×
Loma Prieta  Fly By Night  Loma Prieta – Fly By Night 3:06 28 ×
Loma Prieta  Torn Portrait  Loma Prieta – Torn Portrait 1:32 11 ×
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Über Loma Prieta

American band Loma Prieta is firmly foundation, from which have developed and not trying at all costs to operate prograsivně. The basis of their hardcore music is spontaneous, but the boys are not afraid to experiment nicely. Music with attributes emo, screamo or violence has always been the most fruitful aspect of the hard core, so some monotony is definitely not worry. – Translated by Automatic service


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