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Praha 1, Hybernia Theatre so 20/12 19:00 Christmas Nostalgia: Christmas Band Pavla Větrovce + Monika Absolonová + more


Jiří Zonyga  Husličky  Jiří Zonyga – Husličky 2:27 153 ×
Jiří Zonyga  Nothing else matters  Jiří Zonyga – Nothing else matters 2:39 63 ×
Jiří Zonyga  Sluneční hrob  Jiří Zonyga – Sluneční hrob 2:19 109 ×

Über Jiří Zonyga

George Zonyga, a truck driver from Breclav, won the sympathy of his nature and kind approach. It has a voice like a bell that would awaken the dead. "My mom always wanted to see me sing at feasts under the Maypole, but I was not on it. I wanted to smack the school bag on the floor and run out. I enjoyed the beautiful and peaceful childhood full of fun. In school I was a crook, and was a deuce of behavior, but when I meet my former teacher, I always have to remember Zonygu, "he says with nostalgia in his voice.

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