Jindra Kejak

Zeitgenössischer Folk Tschechien
S Jindra Kejak


Jindra Kejak  (live)  Jindra Kejak - (live) 2:15 570 ×
Jindra Kejak  Hladovej vlk  Jindra Kejak – Hladovej vlk 1:59 437 ×
Jindra Kejak  Zvedni se kámo  Jindra Kejak – Zvedni se kámo 2:24 330 ×

Über Jindra Kejak

Chomutov songwriter Hal Kejak not on our music scene complete novice. In 1999, the Port, in the same year two of his songs appeared on an album of children’s song “Elephants in china I.,” his self-released album “The ties” is still big business everywhere Jindra Kejak exits. Yes – just concerts are the strongest weapons charismatic giant (185 cm, 135 kg). Who do you listen to this album and see Hal Kejaka live, automatically comes a unique experience. A lot of big ugly duckling sings a beautiful, romantic and communicable songs about love and the rest of us believe him because he is ashamed for a long time to use common words. And Hal says Kejak is for us.

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